About this site

All throughout my life I’ve had a driving sense towards education and learning about various topics. Many topics which I took interest in ranged from business, to computers, all the way to philosophy and economics. This is why I primarily created this page. Throughout the course of this website I will be introducing many “school notes” on various topics. It will be a short and condensed version of what I’ve read. The reasoning is most people don’t have the time or patience to read through all of the material themselves. With the short and condensed version people can learn more quickly and develop the skills needed to make better decisions. The value of education is not only important to myself but can help benefit the lives of others.

This is why my mission on this page is to help people better understand different topics that may be of interest and of some use to them. The better informed people are the better decisions they can make; the better the decisions the better more people will be off because of those decisions.

Thank you all and I enjoy communicating very everyone of you.

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